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I met Carman in 2006 when I enrolled for the Automotive Service Technician Program. Without any knowledge of Carman's skills as a Senior Mechanic it didn't take me long to realize he was and is well qualified for teaching.

Carman provided illustrations of complex systems of the Automotive Industry to help with understanding what he was instructing. Each student was placed in a dealership/shop where we could practice what we were learning.

He was always willing to provide extra help whenever needed. From the date I started the program until the day I graduated it was a great sense of achievement all because of the way I was taught about this trade. I have to Thank Carman Sangster for all that you have done to help me succeed.

Jonathan Bjorquez

Noella Doiron I'm currently in the HVACR program, and I love it! I really enjoy the three days out working with experienced technicians and two days in the classroom. It really is the best way to learn and I think every school should be doing it!

February 8 at 9:21pm

Koddie Williams I chose ECTC because i had heard good things about them throw Karsten Skaarup. After applying i got accepted. The class time is great. The instructors have real experiences so when you have questions they can really explain it in ways that work for you. Iv loved working on cars & trucks all my life, so this seemed like the best option. I'm really glad i chose ECTC for my postsecondary education.

February 8 at 9:28pm

Zack Finley I chose this college due to the fact that your hands on for three days a week, only two days theory. I've taken the HVAC/r road and the instructor is very knowledgeable seeing that he's been in the trade for over 40 years. Highly recommend this place to anyone who's searching for a career. Check them out.

February 8 at 9:45pm

Matt Bailey I chose ECTC because i was told about how much hands on training I would get and with that training it was actually out in the workplace 3 days a week and 2 in the classroom, and i was not disappointed! i had tons of hands on training time at my placem...See More

February 9 at 7:13pm

Dave Leavitt i chose this program because i opened my eyes and seen that secondary education is important, now more than ever. What i liked about the program is more time in the field than in class and the teachers care about the students. plus it was 2 min away...hahaha. and a few new friends while there to.

· February 8 at 8:37pm

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